• A fixture is listed incorrectly on the site.

    Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know which game number you are referring to and within which specific tournament so that we can effectively evaluate and resolve the matter.
  • How do I resign from a tournament?

    You can resign from a specific tournament by accessing the Tournaments page in your account's settings. Please only resign from a tournament if you no longer wish to participate in that tournament, as your participation records will be permanently deleted. Try either of the following: Desktop v...
  • I've won a prize from a SuperBru sponsor - how do I claim it?

    In most cases, SuperBru will pass your contact details to the sponsor or agency, who will then get in touch with you directly via your registered email address. There are often delays with some sponsors while some internal processes are completed, so please be patient, but if you have any queries...
  • I won the Yellow Cap but have not received anything.

    The Yellow Cap is only a virtual representation which you can receive for having the highest score in a pool for a specific round. We do not send out actual Yellow Caps if you have won a round in a pool. Consider this, as there are thousands of pools within each tournament on SuperBru (of which m...
  • Scores are tied for the yellow cap. How was the yellow cap allocated?

    In the event of a score tie, our standard tie-breaking rules apply for the sport in question. If the tie cannot be broken, two or more players share the Yellow Cap. Tie-breaking In the event of points ties on a pool leaderboard, position is allocated on the basis of higher WP total, then higher...
  • The pool captain has offered prizes for my pool. How do I claim them?

    Please contact the Pool Captain to arrange the delivery/collection of your prize. It is the Pool Captain's sole responsibility to coordinate the allocation of prizes (if he/she chooses to offer prizes) and we do not directly administrate such an arrangement.
  • What do I get if I win my pool?

    The main prize is likely to be bragging rights amongst your friends, and if the pool has more than 4 members you will also receive Honours for winning the pool (this can be viewed on your profile). If a pool captain has offered prizes, please contact them directly - SuperBru does not get involved...
  • What prizes are available for each tournament?

    We rely on sponsors to offer prizes, and so they will vary for different tournaments. For some competitions, there will be no prizes awarded, except a coveted entry on your Honours board - and some will argue that there is no greater prize than that. Please view our prizes page (under the Info ta...
  • When does a tournament open on SuperBru?

    Tournaments normally open on SuperBru 3 to 6 weeks before it starts. This is just a guide though, and at busy times, tournaments may open just before the first fixture/race.
  • Where do I find a list of all the fixtures

    Try opening the relevant tournament that you're interested in (like the Super Rugby for example), then click on the Tournament tab and select the Fixtures option.
  • Why are my points different in different pools?

    This is because Bonus Points are pool-specific. The Bonus Point for a game goes to the player with the closest prediction. In one pool you might have been closest, but in another pool someone else may have been the closest. The global leaderboard ignores Bonus Points.