What happens if a player is withdrawn after being loaded into a band?

If a player is injured or withdrawn for other reasons (e.g. suspension) after we have loaded him into a band, but before a round starts, we will make best efforts to mark him as withdrawn. This will mean you can no longer select him going forward. If you have already selected him, you are able to change your picks up until the start of the round and may choose another player instead. We will perform reviews of the bands 48 and 24 hours before each round starts. If we mark a player as withdrawn in these reviews and you have him selected already, you will receive an email advising you to change your picks. We cannot guarantee that we will always pick up every withdrawn player, so it is possible that a player marked as playing in SuperBru will not in fact get any game time. We strongly recommend that you review your picks before the start of the round to ensure that your selected players will indeed be playing.

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