Superstars and 5-a-side Fantasy games

  • How do I play Superstars and 5-a-side Fantasy games?

    Each round, you must pick one player from each of the bands presented to you and you'll earn fantasy points based on the match performance for your selected player. The bands group together players in similar positions. We may tweak the mixes of positions over the course of the tournament to mak...
  • One of my players didn't start his match. Can I swap?

    You may make changes to your picks right up until the start of the first match of each round, but not after that. If you learn, after the deadline, that a player you've picked has not been chosen to play for his team, we cannot offer any swaps because this would be unfair on other participants in...
  • What happens if a player is withdrawn after being loaded into a band?

    If a player is injured or withdrawn for other reasons (e.g. suspension) after we have loaded him into a band, but before a round starts, we will make best efforts to mark him as withdrawn. This will mean you can no longer select him going forward. If you have already selected him, you are able to...
  • What if my pick doesn't play?

    We make every effort to ensure all the players are likely to play, but only players who play will score points. Given that you can change your picks until the start of the round, picking players who do play is part of the fun and skill of the game.
  • What is Superstars? (Fantasy Lite)

    Superstars is designed to be somewhere between a predictor game and a fantasy game - it only takes a couple of minutes each week to make Superstars picks, there are no transfers to make or team limits to worry about, but it still offers the fun of following players as well as just match results.
  • When will bands be loaded with players?

    Depending on the squad information available, we try to load players into bands a week before fixtures. Sometimes we will need to load players closer to the event, but we will always try to ensure that the players are in several days before kick-off.