• How can I link a pool, which I was not captain of, to my club?

    You can elect a Vice President within your Club (whoever the player is who captained the pool that you'd like linked to your Club). He/she will then be able to link that pool to your Club as well as assist with the general management of the Club.
  • How do I view results and leaderboards from a previous season?

    We archive all past season results. Please try creating a club from where you can link pools that you have captained in the past (and pools that you will run in future). This will allow you to review archived pool leaderboards as well as streamline the overall pool management process. If you were...
  • I want to delete my club. How do I do that?

    Please send a request to have your club deleted, including your club's name, to and we'll action that on your behalf.