• An ad is covering up content on SuperBru!

    Please contact us to tell us the details of this ad. Ideally, send us a screenshot. We obviously don't want to serve ads which cover up features on our site. Please see "How ads work on SuperBru" above to learn about why we can't approve all ads in advance.
  • Can I advertise on SuperBru?

    You sure can! Learn about advertising options on SuperBru >
  • How ads work on SuperBru

    Direct sales: Some ads that we show are arranged directly with advertisers, and together we agree the type of ads to show, how many times and they are shown, and to whom they are displayed. We can proactively decline any inappropriate ads, and maintain full control over the process. ** Ad network...
  • How can I switch off ads on SuperBru?

    We offer ad-free memberships for a small fee. Buy an ongoing monthly subscription or a one-off season ticket to cover the duration of one tournament. Find out more >
  • How does SuperBru decide which ads to show me?

    We want the ads you see to be interesting and useful to you - for some campaigns, we don’t earn any revenue unless you click on the ad, so we want it to be as relevant as possible. To decide which ads to show, we use information that you have shared with us, including your age, location and sport...
  • I have seen a spammy ad. Why do these appear and what can I do?

    We use a third party network to deliver some of the advertising banners on our website. Together with the ad network we agree the types of ads we would like to see and would like to avoid on our webpages. Most of the time, we are happy with the type of ads that are shown, but occasionally inappro...
  • I never click on ads, so what is the point in showing them to me?

    Some ad campaigns pay simply to show ads. Think of these like billboard ads on a highway - a backdrop that reinforces brand messages.
  • Why shouldn't I just use an adblocker?

    If you use an adblocker, then the bargain between us breaks down. We provide SuperBru to you without charge on condition that we can earn revenue from advertisers. If you block the advertisers, we're doing our part, but you're not doing yours. Blocking ads doesn't punish the advertisers: they don...